Inlaid Wood Jewelry boxes 10cmx10cm Arlecchino Natural

Inlaid wood Jewelry box ideal for any type of classical or modern ambient, handmade with various natural and tinted wood and and polished by hand.
Finished with interior covered velvet.

Dimensions are 10cm x10cm x 8cm

ideal as a jewel holder such as watches, necklaces and other accessories.
Its magnetic closure makes it unique and easy to use and durable.
The glossy finish allows to enhance the design and natural colors of the wood.

With a modern and innovative design entirely hand made using raw materials excusively made in Italy, and crafted with the Sorrento’s inlaid wood art.

This precious object is perfect for a gift for every occasions, for a wedding favor or simply to decorate your home.

This boxes are very versatile, from ring holder to small gift for friends or for wedding favors.

Contact us if you want to exchange models with each other or if you want a larger quantity ,we will give you a special quantity discount!



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