Inlaid Wood Cinerary Urn Rectangular “Ornato White & Grey”

Inlaid Wood Cinerary Urn, handmade realized with naturale & tinted wood, and polished by hand.
Underneath there are four pieces of felt that prevent your table to be scratched and makes the coasters slip proof.

  • Dimension of Urn is 31cm X 15cm X h 16,5cm
    Weight: 2.3 kg
    Capacity: 4.5 Ltr

The interior of the urn is in mahogany.
The urn provides for closing on the base through the use of four screws.

The glossy finish allows to enhance the design and natural colors of the wood.

With a modern design entirely handmade using raw materials excusively made in Italy, and crafted with the Sorrento’s inlaid wood art.

Our urns are elegant and discreet, characterized by different colors, they represent the best way to give expression to your identity with a simple and understandable design.



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