Inlaid Wood Chessboard “The Queen’s Gambit” Design

Inlaid Wood Chessboard “The Queen’s Gambit”Design, handmade realized with naturale & tinted wood, and polished by hand.
Underneath there are four pieces of felt that prevent your table to be scratched and makes the chessboard slip proof.

The Queen’s Gambit chess board elaborated artisanally,using premium black dyed bolivar and ash root.
This beautiful chess board is the same(replica) that this series used during the finals of the 1968 USSR Chess Championship that took place in Moscow, and in which the protagonist, Beth Harmon, beats the Russian world champion Vasily Borgov.

Dimension of Chessboard are:

55cm X 55cm X h 1.5cm
Size of the squares: 5.5cm x 5.5cm

44cm X 44cm X h 1.5cm
Size of the squares: 4cm x 4cm

35cm X 35cm X h 1.5cm
Size of the squares: 3cm x 3cm

The glossy finish allows to enhance the design and natural colors of the wood.

With a Classical but innovative design entirely hand made using raw materials excusively made in Italy, and crafted with the Sorrento’s inlaid wood art.

This precious object is perfect for a gift for every occasions, for a wedding favor or simply to decorate your home.

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