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The “Mastellone Giuseppe” produces all of its products following the traditional technique of “Sorrento Wood Inlay

13726670_1397050623654772_1412100202516439695_n It consists of cutting and assembling small pieces of wood shaped to reproduce mosaics, ornaments and figures. The origins are ancient, in particular, Sorrento inlaid wood dates back to the Benedictine monks who resided in the monastery of St. Agrippino between the end of ‘500 and the early’ 600.


See how the tunnel is handmade by our artisans!


Artisans, match pieces of wood with different colors and shades. 13880373_1412421362117698_8938718618796034503_nThe designs and patterns are either the same as always: the classic “floral decorations”, the Sorrento landscapes and typical local figures, either modern ones that perfectly match with sophisticated and design.



The woods used for the processing are still those of the past: beech and rosewood, the ‘horse chestnut and orange, the’ Maple, the Pear, the ‘Ebony, but also woods with tinted colors, the nuances and shadows are obtained, as before, by soaking each piece of wood in the hot sand.


15894284_1588132034546629_276832956184702780_nThe “Mastellone Giuseppe” builds on of the past and classical working of the Sorrento inlay, revisiting and reinventingand creating new articles and designs to satisfy the most demanding customers. The techniques, the decorations and the “secrets” of this art is handed down from father to son to protect and preserve an ancient and prestigious product.



Now, enjoy the details of the Sorrentine inlaidwood art process described in this beautiful video! Good vision and do not forget to visit our  You tube


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