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Mastellone Giuseppe


The company “Mastellone Giuseppe” has a long experience the production of inlaid wood works.

It specializes in the creation of inlaid furniture, tableware, home accessories such as trays, Lazysusan, placemats, wooden boxes,table, etc …

Our production, so varied in design and products, is continually renewed annually, with the introduction on the market of new and unique articles.

The products and our designs are studied to be inserted into any kind of environment, from classic to modern, designed to satisfy the most demanding customers.

The production and design is all assigned to our artisans from beginning to end of the production chain, this allows the customer personalize a design and size of any product present in our catalog.

We are present on the international market (USA, Japan, UK, Europe) and in particular in the Middle East, with modern furniture, and classic interior design for villas and residences for over 20 years. Moreover our products are made according to the traditional art of Sorrento marquetry.

Our production is one of the most qualified with high artistic and quality of the products, using raw materials strictly made in Italy.

Moreover, in the person of Mastellone Giuseppe, and his sons Gennaro and Umberto, he combines experience, passion and art, with the collaboration of a highly selected personnel who exercises the profession in perfect harmony with colors, fantasy and art, shall make it available to its customers throughout the world.

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